Alpha is growing. 87 teams from Europe and America will participate in the 6th season. We welcome everyone who will find time for our favorite game this summer. We are creating Alpha for you.

We host three parallel tournaments in Europe and one in America this season. Teams were splitted into 12 groups. We have tried to reduce the group stage in order to focus on the play-offs. In accordance with your wishes we made a few changes. In particular, the length of each tour was increased and we also modified the system of adding ACE match player.
We would like to notice that this season in addition to the basic prize pool, provided by some teams, we work with Matcherino - an amazing service that will help to collect additional donations. We will talk a bit more about this in the coming days.

So, the groups were identified, schedules are known. We start :)
July 4, 2016
Posted by quasar
Hi, friends! We are happy to announce the start of the registration for the 6th season of Alpha sc2 Team League. We invite everyone to take part in a league, where everyone can find an opponent of his skill. In Europe there will be three parallel tournaments for players of different skill levels from Platinum to Grandmaster. In North America our project is still growing, so we organize one joint tournament here. Some teams have made financial contributions to create prizepool, but we hope that the final pool will be composed of your donations (all donations are allocated to the prize pool).
So, congratulations for everyone on this event and wish you all success. Yay!
June 21, 2016
Posted by quasar
Mappool voting
We are going to start the new season very soon. While there are final preparations, please, help us to select the best maps for our mappool.
June 18, 2016
Posted by Mayhem
European playoffs of 5th season
It starts tonight! The strongest clans from all over Europe are starting their battles for the title of the Alpha-team. Don't miss these epic games during near weeks.
Btw, feel free to cast ;)
May 18, 2016
Posted by Mayhem
Team Ascension is the winner!
Team Ascension is the winner of the American division! In an breathtaking final they beat Psistorm Academy and became the first team in the Alpha sc2 history, which won all matches within the season.

In a parallel match for third place Miraculous Gaming met Imperative Gaming. MirG players was a bit stronger in these games.

This is the first season of Alpha sc2 on the American server and this experience is very important for us. Considering all the difficult moments, next time we will try to improve the quality of the league organization. We thank all participants for a great games and hope that they received a lot of good emotions from participating in our tournament.

May 15, 2016
Posted by quasar
American playoff
RO8 matches of American playoff will take place on Friday, 13th. We congratulate participants and look forward to the fierce battles to reach the semi-finals and the winner title of the first American Alpha sc2 season.
Stay tuned!
May 12, 2016
Posted by quasar
Upcoming update
Greetings to all participants of our league! Today we want to announce you an upcoming update which will happen in the nearest time.

It is about the players system. We have integrated with much closer and will get all needed information from this resource. The information on our website will be actual. That allows managers to get the newest data about players activity right on the clan's profile page. Last week we already added a module, which let you observe some players information, now we expand its capabilities.

Due to these changes only players with actual links will be allowed to participate in the matches. We call managers for updating their players profiles.

• Much more info about players in clan profiles - amount of points, place in divisions, etc.
• Players activity statistic for the recent time with amount of games and wins per each day.
• To add a player to the roster needed just copy-paste his link.
• Only players with actual links will be allowed to participate in the matches.

We will make one more post right after the update. Thank you :)
May 2, 2016
Posted by Mayhem
London, Edinburgh
Paris, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw
Kyiv, Bucharest, Sofia
Moscow, Minsk
Miami, New-York, Atlanta
Dallas, Houston, Mexico
Denver, Salt Lake city
Los Angeles, Hermosillo
Fairbanks, Anchorage